Global Opportunity | Healthcare: 2015


Global Opportunity | Healthcare 2015

Welcome to Global Opportunity Healthcare, a wide-ranging publication showcasing the breadth of Britain’s expertise in the field. From 1948 when the NHS was formed the UK has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Since then the NHS has grown to become the world’s largest publicly-funded health service, as well as one of the most efficient and comprehensive. Good healthcare should be available to all and this fundamental belief lies at the core of the NHS. More than 62 million people use the NHS; access to its services is based on clinical need and it is free with the exception of some prescriptions and services.

More than 1 million people work for the NHS, many of them coming from overseas, either as new British citizens or via training networks, and it has some of the best clinicians in the world.

As a result, countries that are looking to expand their healthcare systems are reaching out to Britain for guidance. From clinical services to postgraduate education training, infrastructure, design and services, private care, life sciences, pharma and digital innovation, British expertise is in demand.

As one of Britain’s top surgeons observes, learning is a two way process and it is this premise that lies behind the creation of Global Opportunity Healthcare. Already British medical teams visit countries around the world to help them deal with vital issues, and there is a wealth of knowledge and guidance that has yet to be distributed.

Within these pages you will find major hospitals, consulting firms, training organisations and suppliers along with thought leadership articles on integration, regulation, overseas partnerships and life sciences strategies. Many of Britain’s major hospitals are included: The Royal Marsden, Chelsea and Westminster, Moorfields and Leeds Teaching Hospitals, all keen to share their expertise and help overseas partners achieve their own healthcare goals.

We launched Global Opportunity Healthcare at Arab Health 2015, the world’s most comprehensive medical tradeshow. Many of the companies within these pages are exhibiting at the show so they are available to give more information about their services and products to the show’s visitors. So do search out British companies at the exhibition and see what they have to offer – it may well be just the right prescription for you.

Global Opportunity | Healthcare

Global Opportunity Healthcare is a unique platform designed to promote the excellence of the UK healthcare sector, both at home and overseas. We provide the most up-to-date overview of industry knowledge, insights and innovations, creating memorable and engaging content through our carefully curated publications, articles, interviews and events.