Global Opportunity | Healthcare: 2016


Global Opportunity | Healthcare 2016

Welcome to Global Opportunity Healthcare 2016. Building upon the launch of this publication at Arab Health 2016, the opportunities for UK engagement across the health sector continue to increase exponentially.

When we initially launched Global Opportunity Healthcare we discovered that we didn’t have space for all the incredible opportunities, success stories and offerings from the UK across the healthcare sector as a whole. For this reason, we will be releasing a series of special editions covering some of the individual areas of the market where the major opportunities lie. These include the rise in the numbers of private patients coming into the UK, the opportunities for UK organisations to manage health facilities overseas, and a further edition on healthcare education that illustrates the massive area of need overseas, which the UK is well positioned to respond to.

Healthcare UK’s successes since its launch three years ago now totals over £4.3bn, an incredible achievement since the successful showcasing of the NHS at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Part of this success has been attributed to NHS trusts beginning to acknowledge the huge opportunities available from working internationally.

Central to this growth has been the significant enthusiasm of the UK government in highlighting the overseas opportunities in healthcare, personified by the drive and passion of George Freeman, Minister for Life Sciences and the Minister responsible for Healthcare UK’s impressive success. You can read more about his vision for Healthcare UK on page 12.

We also say farewell to the man who started Healthcare UK on its path to success. Former Managing Director Howard Lyons has moved on to retirement and a well-earned rest after crossing the globe multiple times in the last three years promoting UK expertise. Building upon Howard’s success at the helm of Healthcare UK is the organisation’s current Managing Director Deborah Kobewka, whose thoughts on the UK’s global strength in the healthcare industry can be found on page 30.

As a result, Britain’s international presence in the sector is certainly in very rude health indeed. And there is no doubt that the UK’s influence in healthcare globally will continue to grow.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Global Opportunity Healthcare 2016. Do look out for our series of major ‘Round Table’ events, and let us know of any great stories of UK success to be shared in our 2017 publications.

Global Opportunity | Healthcare

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