Global Opportunity | Healthcare 2017


Global Opportunity | Healthcare 2017

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Global Opportunity Healthcare – the third edition of its kind launched at Arab Health over the past three years. Two years after its initial launch in January 2015, Global Opportunity Healthcare 2017 comes in the wake of a somewhat tumultuous year. The UK’s vote to leave the European Union will serve to shape the UK’s trading relationships for the foreseeable future. As we recalibrate our efforts in light of Brexit and as the country responds to shifting demands and perspectives, our strength in healthcare remains as pertinent as ever. Global Opportunity Healthcare, in partnership with Healthcare UK, serves to do just that – to communicate the strength of the UK as a global leader in healthcare, supporting the improvement of standards of care across the world.

The UK has long enjoyed a reputation as a beacon of healthcare excellence, helped in no small part by the historical presence of the NHS as one of the world’s most well-respected healthcare brands. We are home to world-class research institutions delivering an unrivalled depth of medical training; bringing breakthroughs from the laboratory directly into the classroom or clinical setting. We can also proudly boast our position as a global leader in health policy – defining our role as a leading figure in the field of international development.

With this in mind the UK has a unique opportunity to build on our historical healthcare reputation. Some NHS Trusts have already firmly established themselves as leaders in their class, acknowledging the huge opportunities at hand from engaging internationally and attracting globally renowned consultants. It is the unique ecosystem of the NHS, universities and industry, together with all the other disciplines such as design and engineering, that creates the unique UK offering.

Overseas the size and scope of the opportunities for the UK’s healthcare sector has also seen substantial growth. With successes totalling over £5bn since its launch, Healthcare UK has become pivotal to our continued success on the international stage, building partnerships and demonstrating the leading role the UK can play in the development of world class health systems and services.

Bringing together NHS and industry, both in the UK and overseas, has led to many notable successes over recent years. Healthcare UK’s continued partnership with China is emblematic of the UK’s efforts. Recent Chinese healthcare reforms have sought to develop ‘safe, effective, convenient and affordable’ healthcare for all by 2020. And in 2015 during the state visit of Xi Jinping, the President of The People’s Republic of China, more than £2bn of healthcare and life sciences trade deals and collaborations were subsequently signed between both countries.

International partnerships like this abound, indicating the UK’s continued strength in the healthcare sector. Global Opportunity Healthcare seeks to build and strengthen on these developments, highlighting the huge amount we can offer to all our partners across the globe. Indeed there has never been a better time to choose the UK as your key partner. So do use Global Opportunity Healthcare 2017 as a first stepping stone in what I hope will be many more international partnerships to come.

Rt Hon Professor Lord Kakkar

Global Opportunity | Healthcare

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