Interview: Andreas Ludowig | Schoen Clinic


Interview: Andreas Ludowig | Schoen Clinic

‘We saw our concept of a highly-specialised hospital doesn’t yet exist here in London, the UK or in any other metropolitan areas in Europe. So we believe there is a demand for this level of specialist care from patients’ – Andreas Ludowig, Executive Director at Schoen Clinic.

Andreas outlines the history of Schoen Clinic, its latest ‘one stop’ specialist facility opening in London in 2018 and how their unique data outcome measurements are improving patient outcomes and clinical best practices.

Schoen Clinic

Schoen Clinic is one of Germany’s most prominent specialist healthcare organisations with 17 locations across Germany, and 9,400 employees specialising in psychosomatic medicine, orthopaedics and neurology, as well as surgery and internal medicine. Clinical quality is at its core with therapeutic chains and integrated practice units leading to value based healthcare, benefitting patients and clinicians alike.